Autonomous Security Awareness Training Platform
A Complete Security Awareness Solution for the Enterprise

Meet CyberX's fully autonomous training platform

...and learn how to manage the continuing problem of social engineering


Train Every Employee , Every day

"With CyberX's ASAPT we deploy more phishing simulations and phishing awareness cybersecurity training without any extra IT effort . Thank you CyberX !!"
Panos - IT Manager @ Shipping Company

Free Training Material

- The 8-signs of a sophisticated Phishing email


How it works ?

ASAT Platform is an autonomous platform for security awareness training combined with simlated phishing attacks. Using state of the art Artificial Intellignce (A.I) engine the platform functioning fully unattendant. Our A.I is built based on latest technology and industry standard and has the ability to adjust to your users awareness level automatically.


  Train your users
Fully AUTONOMOUS Security Awareness Training with built-in real simulated phishing campaigns
  Phish your users
Use built-in phishing simulation campaigns or create your own. Train your users, help them identify phishing emails easily.
  See the results
Enterprise reporting with cool dashboards showing statistics for both training status and phishing, ready for the management.


   ASATP Autopilot

Need some magic ? Activate the Autopilot mode and let the platform to decide how to train your users.

→ Fully unattendant
→ Based on user behavior
→ Automatically change levels


How effective are phishing campaigns?

In fact, real-time phishing simulations have proven to double employee awareness retention rates, and yield a near 40% ROI, versus more traditional cybersecurity training tactics, according to latest studies.